New York Noyce STEAM Pipeline Program


Preparing Next Generation Science Teachers

Students working in a STEAM Lab

Through scholarship support, the New York Noyce STEAM Pipeline Program at Adelphi/NSF Robert Noyce Program is designed to encourage individuals with a background in science and/or trained in STEM fields to consider a teaching career in science education. 

This program allows qualified individuals to earn an MA in Education and a New York State Teaching Certification for grades 7-12 in one of the science disciplines: biology, physics, earth science or chemistry.

Program Highlights

Program Goals

The New York Noyce STEAM Pipeline: Preparing Next Gen Science Teachers program is framed by the following goals:

  1. Enhance and broaden strong partnerships between K12 school partners, university faculty and administration, and regional informal learning environments;
  2. Increase the number and retention of highly qualified students from underrepresented groups that graduate with a science teaching degree; 
  3. Increase the use of STEAM (STEM + Art/Design) practices in science classrooms to augment and enhance the science curriculum aligned to The Next Generation Science Standards/NGSS

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